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Top 6 Cat7 Cable Manufacturers In Delhi

Top 6 Cat7 Cable Manufacturers In Delhi

Selecting the right CAT7 cable is essential for achieving high-speed data transmission and reliable network performance. In Delhi, a hub for technological supplies, several manufacturers are known for their expertise in producing CAT7 cables that meet these needs.

This guide will introduce you to the top 5 CAT7 cable manufacturers in Delhi. Whether for commercial or residential use, understanding the offerings of these manufacturers will help you make an informed decision for your networking requirements.

1. Cheeku Technologies

  • Year of Establishment: 2018
  • Location: Delhi, India
  • Contact Info: Building No-B378, Block-B U/G Floor, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar, Dwarka More Metro Station, Delhi- 110059, India

Since its inception in 2018, Cheeku Technologies has rapidly emerged as a dynamic force within the consumer electronics accessory sector. Based in Delhi, India, the company boasts a dedicated workforce of 26 to 50 employees, demonstrating its capacity in manufacturing, exporting, wholesaling, trading, importing, and supplying a versatile product range.

Among its acclaimed offerings, the CAT7 Ethernet cables are particularly noted for their superior build and performance. These cables are capable of supporting bandwidths up to 600 MHz and delivering data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps, making them ideal for high-speed internet connections. Constructed from 100% bare copper wire and featuring gold-plated RJ45 connectors, the cables excel in reducing noise and interference, facilitating a stable connection. Their flat design also allows for a neater and safer installation, whether alongside walls or beneath carpets.

2. OTS Cables

  • Year of Establishment: 1998
  • Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Certifications: UL, CE, ISO9001, ROHS

OTS Cables, founded in 1998 in Dongguan, China, has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the field of communication cables and optical solutions. With a robust team of over 2000 employees, the company serves a global market, including North America, the Middle East, and Europe.

OTS Cables is devoted to producing top-quality lan cables, bulk cables, patch cables, patch panels, keystone jacks, faceplates, RJ45 connectors, fiber cables, fiber patch cords, and fiber adapters.

The company’s CAT7 cables are particularly distinguished for their exceptional manufacturing quality, designed to meet the demands of 10 Gigabit per second applications, they ensure efficient data transmission with minimal crosstalk.

3. Voltaa Global

  • Year of Establishment: 2014
  • Location: New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • Contact Info: 4/2873/1, Galu No. 1, Bhihari Colovy, Shahdara, East Delhi, Anand Vihar, New Delhi-110032, Delhi, India

Founded in 2014 and operating out of New Delhi, India, Voltaa Global specializes in the importation and wholesale distribution of an array of electronic accessories. With a permanent infrastructure encompassing 500 square meters, the company showcases significant operational and storage capabilities.

Their Cat7 cables are renowned for their exceptional performance, crafted with gold-plated RJ45 connectors and 100% thick copper wire. These features ensure minimal transmission impedance and enable high-speed, stable, and durable internet connections.

4. Rahul Cable Industries

  • Year of Establishment: 1989
  • Location: Bawana, New Delhi, Delhi
  • Contact Info: Call +91-8048951898

Rahul Cable Industries, established in 1989, has become a formidable name in the manufacturing, trading, and wholesaling of electronic products, with a particular focus on cables. From its base in Bawana Industrial Area, New Delhi, the company has earned a reputation for producing superior coaxial cables, CCTV wires, networking cables, and electronic cables.

The company’s urban facility spans 150 square yards, supporting its broad manufacturing capabilities. Rahul Cable Ind. is recognized for its comprehensive range of cable products and its role in importing and distributing CCTV and other security solutions.

5. Groovy Communications India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Year of Establishment: 1987
  • Location: 207, Siddharth Building, 2nd Floor, Nehru Place Market, Near Bajaj Capital, Nehru Place, New Delhi- 110019, Delhi, India

Groovy Communications India Pvt. Ltd., founded in 1987, is a notable provider in the electronics sector, focusing on the trade, import, supply, and export of various connectors and cables, including RJ45 and Pass through Connectors.

The company’s product lineup also features HDMI cables and Epson and HP large format printers, highlighting its role as a significant distributor and international trade participant, with partnerships in Africa, China, Vietnam, the US, and Canada.

The UTP CAT6A Patch Cord stands out in their catalog, showcasing Groovy Communications’ dedication to innovation and quality. This product, ideal for those interested in CAT7 cable options in India, is notable for its white PVC outer material and copper inner material, promising longevity and efficient data transmission.

6. Shree Gopal Industries

  • Year of Establishment: 1998
  • Location: Near Bhiwadi, Tijara, Alwar, Rajasthan
  • Certifications: ISO 9001:2000, CE Certification, BIS Licenses for IS:9537 and IS:694:2010, UL Certification
  • Contact Info: Call +91-8048971781

Initiated in 1998 with its roots in New Delhi before transitioning its operational base to Rajasthan, Shree Gopal Industries has emerged as a frontrunner in manufacturing and exporting within its sector.

Occupying a vast 50,000 sq ft manufacturing space and propelled by a dedicated team exceeding 150 professionals, the company has significantly marked its presence both in India and on an international scale.

Specializing in a broad spectrum of electrical products, including an assortment of Wiring Accessories branded as ‘SGI,’ the company exemplifies its dedication to excellence and innovative practices in all areas of its business.

Shree Gopal Industries has successfully broadened its market reach, catering to a diverse client base in Egypt, Dubai, Sharjah, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UK, reinforcing its status as a global industry player.


The companies listed above, based in Delhi, stand out for their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service. As you consider your options, remember to assess factors such as product range, certifications, and customer support to make an informed decision that meets your networking requirements.

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