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sc-sc patch cord

SC-SC patch cord


SC-SC fiber patch cord
A patch cord is a fiber optic cable used to attach one device to another for signal routing.
SC stands for Subscriber Connector- a general purpose push/pull style connector. It is a square, snap-in connector latches with a simple push-pull motion and is keyed.


  • Low insertion loss, high return loss
  • High dense connection, easy for operation
  • High credibility and stability
  • Good in repeatability and exchangeability


  • Testing equipment
  • Optical fiber CATV
  • Optical communication system
  • Telecommunication

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    Technical Parameters

    ParameterUnitFC, SC, LC/ Armoured fiber patch cordST, MUMT-RJ, MPOE2000
    Insertion loss(typical)dB≤0.3≤0.2≤0.3≤0.2≤0.3≤0.2≤0.2≤0.3≤0.2≤0.2≤0.3≤0.3
    Return lossdB≥45≥50≥60≥30≥45≥50≥30≥45≥50≥35≥55≥75
    Operating wavelengthnm1310, 15101310, 15101310, 15101310, 1510
    Operating temperature-40~75-40~75-40~75-40~75
    Storage temperature-45~85-45~85-45~85-45~85
    Cable diametermmφ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9φ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9φ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9φ3.0, φ2.0, φ0.9

    SC-SC Patch Cord

    SC-SC Fiber Optic Patch Cords are used to connect networking devices for signal routing. SC is short for Standard Connector or Subscriber Connector, which is one of the most popular fiber optic cable connectors used in network industries. 

    Offered in Singlemode and Multimode, Single or Duplex Configuration

    OTSCABLE offers high quality and low priced fiber optic patch cord with SC/SC termination for either singlemode (OS1 and OS2) or multimode systems (OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4). You may also choose whether you need a single or duplex patch cord SC/SC configuration.

    High Quality and Robust SC/SC Ferrule and Connector Body

    Our SC/SC fiber cables are robust and efficient and can be subjected to bend angles of up to 90deg with negligible attenuation.

    Space-Saving and Efficient

    It can also save more space for your high density cabling in data centers, enterprise networks, telecom room, server farms, cloud storage networks, and any places fiber patch cables are needed.

    Applicable in Many Ethernet (LAN) and Network Fiber Applications

    Look no further as our SC-SC fiber optic patch cables can be used for connecting devices in Datacom and telecom; in GPON, EPON, GBIC and MADI applications.

    Plus, your 10G SR, 10G LRM and SFP+ transceivers can also be accommodated with ease for Ethernet (10G/40G/100G) applications. Furthermore, you can easily use this SC-SC patch cord for 10G Fiber connections.

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