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Top 4 Fiber Optic Cable Manufacturers In Chennai

Fiber optic cables serve as the backbone for high-speed internet and telecommunications systems, enabling rapid data transfer across vast distances. This article highlights the top four fiber optic cable manufacturers in Chennai, offering insights into their operations, products, and contributions to the global telecommunications infrastructure.

In Chennai, a city known for its technological advancements and manufacturing capabilities, several companies specialize in producing these essential components. By focusing on these manufacturers, we aim to provide a clear understanding of their role in supporting digital connectivity and the technological ecosystem.

1. Vindhya Telelinks Limited

  • Year of Establishment: 1986
  • Location: Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001
  • Contact Info: Phone: +91 44 23746623/ 23746624, Fax: +91 44 23746625.

Vindhya Telelinks Limited began as a collaboration between Universal Cables Limited and the Madhya Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation Limited, focusing initially on Jelly Filled Telephone Cables (JFTC) production. The company has since expanded its product range to include Optical Fiber Telecommunication Cables.

Vindhya Telelinks has broadened its market, supplying products to various sectors, including Railways, Defense, and Energy, and has ventured into optic fiber manufacturing in Goa alongside partners.

Vindhya Telelinks Limited stands out for its comprehensive range of products. The company manufactures outdoor, FTTH, and indoor cables with features like UV-stabilized sheaths, various fiber counts up to 144 fibers, and enhanced mechanical characteristics for durability and performance.

2. Finolex Cables

  • Year of Establishment: 1958
  • Location: Chennai – No-9, Mohan Kumarmanglam Street, 3rd Floor, Pioneer Sudharsan Plaza, Off Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai- 600034, Tamil Nadu
  • Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 9001 / TL-9000, ISO 14001/ISO-45001, ISO 27001
  • Contact Info: Mobile- 9566166441

Finolex Cables, established in 1958 by Pralhad P Chhabria and Kishan P Chhabria, has grown from a copper cable manufacturer to a significant player in the electrical products market. The company has expanded its product line to include not only wires and cables but also lighting, water heaters, fans, switches, switchgear, home appliances, and electrical conduits.

With a network of 600 distributors, 5000 channel partners, and over 200,000 retailers, Finolex Cables has established a strong market presence. The company operates five modern manufacturing plants in India, all of which uphold high standards of quality and sustainability, evidenced by their ISO certifications.

As a leading manufacturer of fiber optic cables in Chennai, Finolex Cables offers a wide range of products, including FTTH, Armored, Unarmoured, Aerial, ADSS, Ribbon, Spiral Armored, Simplex / Duplex Cables, and more, ranging from 1F to 1728 Fibre.

3. Otscable

  • Year of Establishment: 1998
  • Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Certifications: UL, CE, ISO9001, ROHS

Otscable, established in 1998 and based in Dongguan, China, specializes in manufacturing communication cables and optical solutions. With a workforce of over 2000 employees, the company serves markets in North America, the Middle East, and Europe, showcasing a global reach. Otscable engages in both production and distribution, ensuring a broad spectrum of high-quality products, including LAN cables, bulk cables, patch cables, and various fiber optic solutions.

When it comes to fiber optic cable manufacturers, Otscable stands out for its dedication to quality and innovation. Their extensive product line caters to both indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable needs, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern telecommunications and broadband network industries.

With their commitment to reliability and customer service, Otscable has become a trusted partner for businesses worldwide, aiming to enhance communication infrastructures with their cutting-edge optical solutions.

4. HTL Ltd.

  • Year of Establishment: 2001
  • Location: No. 57, GST Road, Guindy, Chennai
  • Certifications: Meets international IEC, EIA/TIA, and Bellcore standards
  • Contact Info: [email protected]

HTL Ltd., a vital player in the private telecom sector, operates as a subsidiary of HFCL Ltd. Since its acquisition in 2001, it has maintained a portion of its equity held by the Government of India.

The company showcases a large workforce and operates state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chennai. The company focuses on the production of Optical Fiber Cables and providing Passive Connectivity Solutions. Its Hosur plant plays a crucial role by supplying essential raw materials.

Additionally, HTL Ltd. is expanding its offerings into Electrical Wiring Interconnect Solutions for the Aerospace & Defence and Automotive & Industrial sectors. The company, along with HFCL, exports its products to 27 countries across five continents, indicating a significant global presence.

HTL Ltd. specializes in manufacturing Optical Fiber Cables, which are essential for telecommunication networks worldwide. Their Chennai facility is equipped with the latest infrastructure to produce cables that can accommodate up to 1152 fibers. The cables produced by HTL are designed to meet various applications in National Long Distance, Access, and FTT-x Networks.


Selecting the right fiber optic cable manufacturer in Chennai is vital for ensuring reliable and high-speed communication infrastructure. The top four companies mentioned offer a range of products suited for various applications, from telecommunications to data centers.

As you decide which manufacturer to partner with, consider their product range, customer service, and technical support to find the best fit for your project. This choice can significantly impact the efficiency and reliability of your communication networks.

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