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Top 4 Best Cat8 Cable Manufacturers in Delhi

Top 4 Best Cat8 Cable Manufacturers in Delhi

Delhi serves as a key hub for the production of advanced technological components, including the latest in ethernet cable technology, Cat8 cables. This article introduces you to the leading Cat8 cable manufacturers in Delhi, highlighting their expertise in crafting cables that meet the highest standards for speed, reliability, and performance in an increasingly data-driven world.

1. Voltaa Global

  • Year Established: 2014
  • Location: 2873/1, Street No. 1, Goverdhan Bihari Colony, Shahdara, New Delhi – 110 032, Delhi, India

Established in 2014, Voltaa Global has its headquarters sprawled over a 46 square meter area in the semi-urban regions of New Delhi, India. The organization undertakes diverse business activities such as exports, manufacturing, wholesale, trade, imports, supply, and distribution efforts.

Voltaa is renowned for its technological accessory production and supply, particularly highlighting its comprehensive range of CAT8 cables. These cables are engineered for superior Ethernet performance, facilitating data speeds up to 40 Gbps at a 50 Hz frequency.

Constructed from pure bare copper wire and equipped with 50 micron gold plated RJ45 connectors, Voltaa Global’s CAT8 cables are available in sizes from 3 ft (0.91 meters) to 50 ft (15.24 meters).

2. Cheeku Technologies

  • Year Established: 2018
  • Location: Delhi, India
  • Contact Info: Building No-B378, Block-B U/G Floor, Mohan Garden, Uttam Nagar, Dwarka More Metro Station, Delhi- 110059, India

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Delhi, India, Cheeku Technologies has quickly emerged as a key contributor in the consumer electronics accessories sector. The company, employing a team of 26 to 50 people, renders both manufacturing and exporting. This helps them cover an extensive range of products such as Ethernet cables, water overflow alarms, security devices, and various data cables.

Led by CEO Kamal Verma, Cheeku Technologies has broadened its reach worldwide. They have established its brands FEDUS and Tech-X as symbols of quality and innovation, thereby facilitating the connection of people through top-tier, user-friendly accessories.

Particularly, the company has gained recognition for its FEDUS Cat8 Ethernet cables, which are crafted to surpass the highest performance thresholds. These cables are designed to be delivering up to 40 Gbps speed and bandwidth capability of 2000 MHz. This innovation places Cheeku Technologies at the forefront of Cat8 cable manufacturing in India, catering to the demand for a fast-paced, interconnected technological environment.

3. OTS Cable

  • Year Established: 1998
  • Location: Dongguan, Guangdong, China
  • Certifications: UL, CE, ISO 9001, ROHS

Initiated in 1998 and located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, OTS Cable specializes in the production and distribution of communication cables and optical solutions. The firm, with a massive workforce exceeding 2000 employees, caters to an extensive market across North America, the Middle East, and Europe.

OTS Cable adheres to stringent quality control by being accredited with UL, CE, ISO 9001, and ROHS certifications, underscoring its dedication to superior product quality and customer service.

OTS Cable is distinguished as a comprehensive cable provider, not only fabricating a wide array of products but also offering tailored OEM, ODM, and customization services from its Dongguan operations to accommodate a varied customer base.

OTS Cable is a notable name in the manufacturing of Cat8 bulk cables, which are at the pinnacle of Ethernet technology. These cables enable data transfer speeds up to 40 Gbps and support bandwidths up to 2000 MHz. Designed with exceptional shielding to minimize crosstalk and interference, OTS Cable’s Cat8 cables are the ideal choice for data centers in need of unmatched network efficiency, ensuring consistent, stable, and long-lasting connections.

4. Ooberpad

  • Year of Establishment: 1971
  • Location: India

Ooberpad emerges from a deep-rooted background in audiovisual solutions, courtesy of its parent company, Actis Technologies. Founded in 1971, Actis Technologies has been instrumental in introducing innovative AV, collaboration, and energy management technologies in India, serving numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Regarding their product offerings, Ooberpad announces the availability of the feature-packed BlueRigger Cat 8 Ethernet Cable. This product stands out for its lightning-fast network performance, facilitating communication between devices at speeds of up to 40 Gbps and a frequency of 2000 MHz, thanks to its full-duplex mode and oxygen-free bare copper wires.

Designed for minimal interference, the cable ensures a dependable Internet connection suitable for home networks, gaming consoles, or small office networks. Its sleek, flat design allows for easy installation and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, ensuring a secure and consistent internet connection without the risk of data loss or disconnects.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the right Cat8 cable manufacturer in Gujarat is vital for achieving high-speed and reliable network connections. Gujarat hosts a range of manufacturers known for their commitment to quality and innovation in cable technology.

By selecting a manufacturer from this list, you ensure access to top-notch products that can significantly improve your network’s efficiency and reliability. Evaluate your specific requirements and opt for a manufacturer that aligns with your needs to enhance your connectivity solutions.

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