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Water-proof pigtail cable


Fiber pigtail is a short optical fiber permanently attached to a source, detector, or other fiber optic device at one end and an optical connector at the other.
Water-proof fiber pigtail cable is a length of fiber with one-end connector attached, suitable for outdoor use and adverse environmental condition.


  • Fiber core: 2, 4, 6, 8 optional
  • Waterproof features & reliable performance
  • Pull & erosion resistance, good grounding
  • Low insertion loss, high return loss, excellent exchangeability, high stability
  • The cable and pigtail is not moved when tighten the connection screw, which ensure the convenient construction.


  • CATV & LAN
  • Data & Communication System
  • Connection for main fiber and optical receiver

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    Technical Parameters

    Parameter Unit Waterproof fiber pigtail cable
    SM MM
    Insertion loss (typical) dB ≤0.3 ≤0.2 ≤0.3 ≤0.2
    Return loss dB ≥45 ≥50 ≥60 ≥30
    Operating wavelength nm 1310, 1510
    Exchangeability dB ≤0.2
    Vibration dB ≤0.2
    Operating temperature -40~75
    Storage temperature -45~85
    Cord diameter mm φ3.0,φ2.0,φ0.9
    Fiber count F 4, 6, 8, 12, 24, … fibers
    Applicable connector FC, SC, ST, MU, LC

    Waterproof Pigtail Cable

    Waterproof fiber optic pigtail cable is a patch cable suitable for outdoor use and adverse environmental conditions. It is a wet-proof cable covered with a highly robust rubber sheathing that prevents water from entering the cable. 

    Our waterproof pigtail cable is available with up to 6 cords in one source. 

    With Intensive Protection through Water-Resistant Sheath

    We manufacture water-resistant cables with primary and secondary sheathing and armored outdoor PE jacket. Our Waterproof pigtail cables are ideal for outdoor FTTH, FTTP and FTTX applications where extensive protection is needed to deliver the optimum data transmission rate with high speed bandwidth.

    With Durable Threaded Connector

    Designed with a durable locking feature, the Waterproof pigtail cable is constructed with a rigid and anti-corrosive copper connector that cannot easily twist upon tightening the connection screw. It is built with enhanced durability that resists being strained during cabling installs and maintenance. 

    Cost Competitive

    Our Waterproof Pigtail Cables are cheaply priced cables that delivers superb performance you’re looking for in your fiber optic cable assembly.

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