OM3 patch cord


OM3 fiber patch cord
A patch cord is a fiber optic cable used to attach one device to another for signal routing.
The OM3 50/125 multimode fiber optic cables compliant to ISO/IEC 11801 standards. They are used for 10Gbps networks to meet the requirement of continuous growing of high data rates.

  • Low insertion loss and high return loss
  • Good exchangeability
  • Support 10 Gigabit data transmitting rates
  • MM cables type
  • FC, LC, SC, MU, ST, MTRJ, E2000, MPO… optional
  • Polishing: PC, UPC and APC
  • Meets IEC standard
  • Telecommunication networks
  • Fiber optic communication networks
  • CATV, LAN, MAN, WAN, Test &Measurement
  • Military industry
  • Optical access network

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Parameter Unit Standard & Requirement
Insertion loss dB ≤0.20
Changeability dB ≤ 0.20dB
Radius of curvature nm 10 ≤ r ≥25
Curvature eccentricity um <50
Fiber core undercut nm <50
Insertion loss change dB < 0.1
Return loss change dB < 5
Insert & pull out (Max.) kg 2
Insert and pull frequency Time > 1000
Operating temperature -40~+85

OM3 Patch Cord

The OM3 50/125 multimode fiber optic cables are used in providing bandwidth that transmit data above 10 Gb/s. OM3 50/125 are manufactured with compliance to ISO/IEC 11801 standards. They are used for the continuous expansion and development for high data transfer rates.

OM3 is known as a laser optimized multi-mode (LOMMF) cable that are made for 850 nm VCSELs. These cables are also designed for LEDs with modulation speed of 622 Mbit/s. 

Your Fiber Optic Cable Solution for Bend Insensitive Applications

We manufacture robust and efficient OM3 50/125 multimode fiber optic cable that experience less to negligible attenuation when the cable is bent.

Space Saving OM3 Patch Cords

These multimode patch cords can also save you a lot of space in dense network cabling such as in data centers, telecommunication networks, datacom and networks with cloud storages. The OM3 cables meet RoHS requirements with LSZH flame retardant sheaths.

Built For High Speed Data Networks and Bandwidth Requirements

The 50/125 OM3 multimode fiber optic cable is built for bandwidth intensive applications such as 10G LRM, 10G SR and SFP+ transceivers.

Premium Performance and High Grade Fiber Optic Patch Cord

OM3 50/125 is a widely popular cable for high-end network cabling and are used in connections in data centers, CATV, fiber test equipment, LAN, telecommunication networks, FTTx, communication rooms, fiber optic communication system and defense or government applications.

Customized Cable Material and Length

OTSCABLE provides OEM/ODM service for OM3 50/125 multimode fiber optic cable assemblies. You can choose the jacket material (PE, PVC, OFNP), color, and length of the cable you need for customization. You can also request a riser-rated or plenum-rated cable.

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