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cat6 ftp bulk cable

Cat6 FTP Bulk Cable

Cat6 FTP Lan Cable is in 4-pair with conductors in 23AWG/34AWG*7/36AWG*7 pure copper conductor with insulation of Foamed polyolefin, every pair are shielded with Al-foil tape. grouped under metal wire braiding.

Key Data:

  • Conductor: Solid Bare Copper
  • Gauge: 23AWG
  • Conductor Diameter: 0.57±0.02
  • Insulation: Foam-skin PE

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    Cat6 FTP Lan Cable is in 4-pair with conductors in 23AWG/34AWG*7/36AWG*7 pure copper conductor with insulation of Foamed polyolefin, every pair are shielded with Al-foil tape. grouped under metal wire braiding. protected by a thermoplastic and non-flame propagating sheath colored according to customer’s special request.

    Cat6 ftp cable is used for high speed transmission of voice and data between central and peripheral system for frequencies up to 250Mhz.

    • Conductor Solid Bare Copper
      AWG 23
      Conductor Diameter 0.57±0.02
      Insulation Foam-skin PE
      Insulation average thickness 0.24mm
      Jacket PVC/LSZH
      Average thickness 0.5mm
      Outer Dia 6.6±0.3mm
      Elongation Min.100%
      Tensile strength Min.1.407 kg/mm2
      Test 100% Fluke with Perm link
      Rip cord Yes
      Core color Blue/White-Blue
    • Item No. Packing Information
      1 100 mt/Reel
      2 305 mt/Reel
      3 500 mt/Reel (standard)
      4 1000 mt/Reel
    • 10Gbase-T Ethernet, 1000Base-Tx
      Gigabit Ethernet, 10Base-T, 100Base-T Fast Ethernet
      100VG-AnyLAN, 155/622 Mbps ATM, 550Mhz Broadband Video, Voice, T1, ISDN

    • Frequency Return Loss(dB) Attenuation(dB/100m) NEXT(dB) ACR(dB) PSNEXT(dB) ELFEXT(dB/100m) PSELEXT(dB/100m)
      0.772 19.4 1.8 76.0 74.0 74.0 70 67
      1 20.0 2.0 74.3 72.0 72.3 67.8 64.8
      4 23.0 3.8 65.5 61.0 63.3 55.8 52.8
      8 24.5 5.3 60.8 55.0 58.8 49.7 46.7
      10 25.0 6.0 59.3 53.0 57.3 47.8 44.8
      16 25.0 7.6 56.2 49.0 54.2 43.7 40.7
      20 25.0 8.5 54.8 46.0 52.8 41.8 38.8
      25 24.3 9.5 53.3 44.0 51.3 39.8 36.8
      31.25 23.6 10.7 51.9 41.0 49.9 37.9 34.9
      62.5 21.5 15.4 47.4 32.0 45.4 31.9 28.9
      100 20.1 19.8 44.3 24.5 42.3 27.8 24.8
      200 18.0 29.0 39.8 10.8 37.8 21.8 18.8
      250 17.3 32.8 38.3 5.5 36.3 19.8 16.8

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      Cat6 Foiled Twisted Pairs (FTP) Cable, 23 AWG (0.57mm) 100% Bare Copper, UL, ETL Listed, RoHS Compliant

      Data networking with higher and more stable bandwidth can be achieved better with copper cabling that has shielding. This assures that attenuation and crosstalk, both a nuisance in data deliver, are greatly minimized, preserving signal clarity. For this reason, Cat6 FTP bulk Ethernet cable is manufactured with twisted pairs of solid copper conductors which are foiled and wound tighter.

      What We Offer

      OTSCABLES, being your number one China supplier, manufacturer, OEM/ODM provider, offers bulk Cat6 FTP cables. Having 17 years of experience serving industries with excellent high performing networking cables, we have established great communication and service with many countries across the globe. We are a China FTP Cat6 cable manufacturer providing:

      • Factory direct sales
      • Direct shipping from our local warehouse
      • OEM and ODM supply of Cat6 FTP cable

      Bulk Cat6 FTP Ethernet Cables for Networking

      Foiled Cat6 bulk cable is often bought for large installations or where custom patch cable lengths are desired. With this cable, bandwidth speed is doubled as Cat6 FTP Ethernet delivers up to 250MHz at 328 ft maximum distance. You can assure that Cat6 FTP can be an excellent cable for 10/100/1000BASE-T networking speeds.

      Our Cat6 FTP bulk cable has 0.57mm diameter solid copper conductors, twisted into 4 pairs of wires. We have numerous options of Cat6 FTP bulk cables that you can choose from.

      We also have stocks of Cat6 FTP Ethernet Cables in various jacket types that you can choose from. The variety of jacket types can suit different applications.

      Our Ethernet Cat6 FTP bulk cables are wound in large wooden spools or plastic reels packaged in big carton boxes, pull boxes, or pallet according to your choice.

      Superb Quality Foiled Cat6 Bulk Ethernet Cables

      Quality is at the top of our priorities in manufacturing bulk Cat6 FTP cables. Before dispatch, we make sure that cables are compliant with standards such as UL444, TIA/EIA568B and ISO/IEC11801.

      Where is Cat6 FTP Cable used for?

      • Where high degree of EMI is present such as in heavy equipment machinery, generators, transformers.
      • Ethernet 100Base-T4, 100 Base-TX, 100Base-VG-Anylan, 1000base-T and telephone communications media.

      Cat6 FTP Cable, UL Listed, CM Indoor/Home Ethernet Cable

      Our Cat6 FTP Bulk Indoor cable is for indoor installations and is foiled delivering faster network speed for voice, security and data. It is a higher-end cable than Cat5e for home and office Ethernet. OTSCABLES offers 100M Cat6 FTP, 305m Cat6 FTP, 500m Cat6 FTP and 1000m Cat6 FTP with CM rating.

      Riser Rated Cat6 FTP Bulk Ethernet Cable CMR

      These are manufactured in adherence to strict Category 6 T568B standards to prevent the spread of smoke and flames and is meant to be installed in risers. OTSCABLES offers 100M Cat6 FTP, 305m Cat6 FTP, 500m Cat6 FTP and 1000m Cat6 FTP with CMR rating.

      Plenum Rated Cat6 FTP Bulk Ethernet Solid Copper Cable CMP

      CMP rated Cat6 FTP bulk cable is an indoor cable that is found in plenums. These type of cables adheres to the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC), being fire-retardant, low smoke and low toxicity. OTSCABLES offers 100M Cat6 FTP, 305m Cat6 FTP, 500m Cat6 FTP and 1000m Cat6 FTP with CMP rating.

      Outdoor Cat6 FTP Bulk Ethernet Cable

      Outdoor Bulk Cat6 FTP Ethernet Cables are for outdoor applications such as directly burying them or for aerial purposes. Cat6 Outdoor FTP are for installations requiring moisture protection through gel filling or waterproofing through a blocking tape.

      100M (320 ft) Cat6 Bulk FTP Cable for Smaller Installations

      We carry 100 meters Cat6 FTP cable with high quality speeds and tested up to 350 MHz. This CMX Rated Outdoor Cable is ideal for residential outdoor LAN applications.

      305m (1000ft) Cat5e Bulk FTP Cable Ideal for Standard Data Center Network Installations

      We manufacture and supply standard Cat6 FTP cable rolls 305m, CM, CMX rated are made for indoor or outdoor network solutions. Our 1000 ft industry standard Cat6 FTP bulk cables, waterproof version is ideal for outdoor installations such as in direct-burial installations and aerial installations.

      500m(1640ft)/1000m (3200ft) Cat5e Bulk FTP Cable for Large-Scale Installations

      Our CM, CMX rated 500m Cat6 FTP cables and 1000m Cat6 FTP cables are ideal for large installations. This can be between many buildings, many house networks or street Ethernet cables. These cables are verified by UL and ETL and are also RoHS compliant.