Top 10 Best Ethernet Cable Suppliers in Turkey [2024]

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Top 10 Best Ethernet Cable Suppliers in Turkey

Top 10 Best Ethernet Cable Suppliers in Turkey [2024]

In today’s digital age, where connectivity is the backbone of any successful operation, finding reliable ethernet cable suppliers is more critical than ever. If you’re based in Turkey or require Turkish quality and expertise in Ethernet solutions, the search for the perfect supplier can seem daunting amidst a sea of options.

However, with the year 2024 on the horizon, we have meticulously compiled a list of the top 10 ethernet cable suppliers in Turkey that stand out for their exceptional quality, innovation, and customer service. Join us as we delve into the world of Ethernet cable suppliers in Turkey, and find the perfect partner for your connectivity needs.

1. Ören Kablo

Source: Ören Kablo

Ören Kablo is a prominent manufacturer specializing in a broad array of cable products, including coaxial cables, data cables, fire alarm cables, and control cables. Established in 1979, this company stands out as one of Turkey’s pioneering coaxial cable producers, continuously evolving its product line to meet the dynamic needs of its customers.

Their offerings range from high-definition coaxial cables in various classifications (such as the HD Series Class A+ and RG Series) to advanced data cables for different categories (including Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6A, and up to Cat 7A), ensuring solutions for both residential and commercial applications​​​​​​.

Ören Kablo markets its products to a wide range of sectors, emphasizing telecommunications, multimedia networks, and safety systems, highlighting their adaptability and focus on innovation. The company is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

2. Erse Kablo

Source: Erse Kablo

Erse Kablo, established in 1996, is recognized as a leading manufacturer in the weak current cable industry, emphasizing quality, service, and sustainability. Operating from its headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, Erse Kablo covers an impressive range of products, including the following:

  • Telecommunication cables
  • Erline & Data Transmission cables
  • Erflex control cables
  • Ervital fire resistant cables

The company’s commitment to innovation and quality is evidenced by its robust R&D center and numerous quality certifications, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and various product-specific certifications such as TSE, VDE, and CE. With a significant presence in international markets, Erse Kablo exports its products to over 50 countries, with a strong emphasis on Europe, particularly England and Germany.

3. Turkuaz Cable

Source: Turkuaz Cable

Turkuaz Cable specializes in manufacturing telecommunication cables, including fiber optic, data/LAN, and copper core telecom cables, along with optical fiber accessories. It serves industries such as telecommunication, defense, oil and gas, renewable energy, and infrastructure.

Based in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey, Turkuaz Cable is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, technological investment, and sustainable product development, aiming for a significant global footprint. Its products are CPR compliant, ensuring adherence to EU fire safety and hazardous substance regulations.

4. SAMM Teknoloji

Source: Fiber Optic Sensing Association

SAMM Teknoloji is a prominent manufacturer of fiber optic cables and a provider of data center solutions, servicing Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Established with significant global market potential, SAMM produces a vast array of fiber optic cables, assemblies, data center panels, cabling systems, fiber enclosures, and termination units.

The company emphasizes innovation and quality in its products, developed and tested to meet international standards. Located in Gebze-Kocaeli, Turkey, SAMM’s strategic shipping location enhances its strong selling point of connecting continents efficiently.

5. ETK Kablo

Source: ETK Kablo

ETK Kablo is a company based in Istanbul, Turkey, specializing in the manufacture of various cable types including outdoor and indoor telephone cables, fiber optic cables, data/LAN cables, signal cables, fire alarm cables, fire resistant cables, instrumentation cables, control cables, coaxial cables, CCTV cables, and accessories.

Serving a global market, they focus on quality, innovation, and sustainability, boasting numerous quality certifications and approvals. Their strong selling points include a wide product range catering to diverse needs, a commitment to R&D and quality, and their strategic location for serving both local and international customers.

6. Otscable

Source: Otscable

Otscable, established in 1998 in Shenzhen, China, specializes in manufacturing various communication cables including LAN, patch, and fiber optic cables, serving a global market including Turkey. Their product range extends to Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7, and Cat8 cables, with a focus on quality and adherence to international standards like CE, UL, ROHS, and CCC.

The company boasts a substantial annual production capacity, ensuring timely delivery for both large and small orders. OTSCable’s competitive edge lies in their competitive pricing, quality assurance, and flexible MOQs, making them a reliable choice for networking and communication cable needs​​.

7. Vatan Kablo

Source: Vatan Cable

Vatan Kablo is a prominent Turkish company specializing in the production of various types of cables, including network cables. It serves a broad market with products ranging from low-voltage and medium-voltage cables to high-voltage and special cables used in information data communication network systems.

Located in Istanbul, Turkey, with production facilities in Çorlu and Ergene, the company boasts unique copper production capabilities and significant investments in renewable energy for sustainable manufacturing. Vatan Kablo’s strong selling points include its commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility, as evidenced by its solar cable product certification and participation in forestation campaigns for a greener Turkey.

8. Mouser Electronics

Source: Mouser Electronics

Mouser Electronics is a leading distributor specializing in semiconductors and electronic components, including a vast selection of network cables. They cater to a global market, offering products from over 1,200 industry-leading manufacturers.

Mouser is known for its broad product range, including circuit protection, connectors, sensors, and more, making it a strong choice for design engineers and buyers seeking the latest in electronic components and technologies. Their strong selling points include a wide product selection, no minimum order requirement, and a focus on the newest products and technologies​

9. Kastro Kablo

Source: Kastro Kablo

Kastro Kablo stands out as a leading manufacturer of Low-Voltage cables in Turkey, catering to a wide array of sectors including construction, telecom, security, heavy industry, renewable energy, and more. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Kastro Kablo offers a diverse portfolio of high-quality cables and solutions, including Signal & Control Cables, Data/LAN Cables, and more, tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Operating from a state-of-the-art factory in Istanbul, one of the most modern facilities in Europe, Kastro Kablo leverages the latest technology and equipment to serve the cable sector. The company’s dedication to R&D ensures the continuous development of innovative products and solutions, aiming to remain a pioneer in the cable industry by addressing future challenges with advanced materials and designs.

10. Upcom Telekomunikasyon

Source: Upcom Telekomunikasyon

Upcom Telekomunikasyon is a Turkish company specializing in network infrastructure products, particularly focusing on fiber optic and copper cables. Located in Turkey, Upcom provides a comprehensive range of products including Fiber Optic & Copper Cables, Fiber & Copper Connectivity solutions for data centers, MPO Cables, Fiber Patch Panels, network equipment, and IP55 enclosures, along with Outdoor Field 19” Cabinets.

They serve a variety of markets with their high-quality products, positioning themselves as a leading supplier in the telecommunications sector. The company’s strong selling points include its wide product portfolio, emphasis on quality with ISO 9001 certification, and its role as an exporting member of associated Turkish network product manufacturers, offering innovative solutions for both domestic and international customers​​.

The Verdict

As we wrap up our exploration of the top 10 best Ethernet cable suppliers in Turkey for 2024, it’s clear that the landscape of connectivity solutions is rich and varied, offering a plethora of options for businesses and consumers alike. Whether you’re in need of cutting-edge fiber optic solutions or robust data cables, the suppliers on this list represent the best of Turkish craftsmanship and technological expertise.

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