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Top 5 Best CAT6 Cable Manufacturers in Dubai [2024]

Embarking on a quest for the most reliable and high-quality CAT6 cables in Dubai? Your search ends here! With technology evolving at a breakneck pace, ensuring your network infrastructure is built on a foundation of superior quality CAT6 cables is paramount.

This article is your ultimate guide to navigating the bustling market of Dubai, highlighting the top 5 CAT6 cable manufacturers in Dubai this 2024. Whether you’re upgrading your office network or setting up a new data center, these manufacturers stand out for their commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Get ready to connect with the best in the business!

1. Microsys Networks

Source: Microsys Networks

Established in 2010, Microsys Networks LLC excels as a leading IT supplier in the GCC, offering a diverse range of products including CAT6 cables, fiber optics, and networking hardware. Renowned for their quality and expertise, they cater to various industries like construction, oil & gas, and education, ensuring fast service and client satisfaction.

Microsys Networks LLC’s dedication to excellence is evident through their careful product selection and the expertise of their team, aimed at delivering unparalleled value and satisfaction. Their swift service and commitment to quality have established them as a top IT distributor in the UAE, serving diverse sectors like data centers, healthcare, and education.

2. IT World Trading

Source: IT World Trading

IT World Trading is a prominent wholesale supplier based in the UAE, specializing in a wide array of IT and electronic solutions, including Computer Hardware, CCTV Systems, Networking Devices, Security Devices, and IP Telephony. Among their extensive product range, they place a significant emphasis on CAT6 cables, offering a variety of types such as standard CAT6, CAT6 Outdoor, and CAT6 STP cables.

Their market serves a broad spectrum, catering to residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure needs across the UAE. The company prides itself on partnering with major brands like Cisco, Fortinet, SonicWALL, Ubiquiti, Aruba, and Belden, ensuring they provide premium quality products and services.

3. Instant Technology

Source: Instant Technology

Instant Technology, based in Dubai, UAE, is a notable supplier in the IT, ELV, AV, and security systems sectors. This organization stands out for its comprehensive range of products, focusing on structured cabling, IT infrastructure, telecom, and security systems. They provide a variety of CAT6 cable types, including PVC, LSZH, outdoor, FTP, STP, and SFTP cables, catering to diverse needs and ensuring reduced crosstalk and electrical interference.

Instant Technology is known for its fast delivery and service, positioning itself as a top IT distributor and re-seller in the UAE. They also distribute products from well-known brands like Hubbell, offering a range of CAT6, CAT5, CAT3 cables, and accessories. Their focus on quality products, experienced professionals, and customer satisfaction are their strong selling points​​​​​​.


Source:, located in Dubai, UAE, serves as a premier online source for IT and networking products, including an extensive selection of CAT6 cables. This platform caters to a broad market, offering everything from networking accessories and IT infrastructure products to individual computing and storage solutions.

It prides itself on delivering 100% genuine products, with free shipping for orders over AED 2000 and exceptional 24/7 customer support.’s commitment to quality, customer service, and a wide product range makes it a go-to destination for tech needs in the UAE.

5. Otscable

Source: Otscable

Otscable is a leading manufacturer based in China, specializing in communication and LAN cables, including CAT6 cables, since 1998. They offer a comprehensive range of products such as LAN cables, bulk cables, patch cables, patch panels, keystone jacks, RJ45 connectors, fiber cables, and fiber patch cords.

Their production process involves meticulous quality control checks to ensure each product meets international standards, holding certifications like CE, UL, and RoHS. OTSCABLE’s facility in DongGuan, GuangDong, employs over 2000 staff and serves a global market, including North America, the Middle East, and Europe.

A strong emphasis on quality, customer service, and competitive pricing makes them a reliable partner for businesses looking for high-grade communication cable solutions. Their commitment to environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction is evident in their flexible MOQ orders, ensuring they cater to both large and small businesses alike.

The Verdict

In wrapping up our journey through the landscape of CAT6 cable manufacturers in Dubai this 2024, we’ve traversed the terrain of innovation, quality, and reliability. These top 5 contenders not only highlight Dubai’s prowess in the tech manufacturing domain but also serve as beacons for those in pursuit of unparalleled connectivity solutions.

Remember, choosing the right CAT6 cable manufacturer is more than a purchase—it’s an investment in your network’s future, and with the insights from this guide, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision. Dubai’s tech landscape is vibrant and ever-evolving, and with these top manufacturers, you’re always one step ahead in the connectivity game.

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